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United Kingdom  -  London

ER Advisory Ltd.

It's the majority shareholder of "Banco Metalli Piceno Srl". 

"ER Advisory Limited" is based in Lawford House Albert Place - N31QB - London, England, UK, identified with No. 12485513, holder of the Italian Tax Code Nr. 94296430484 which also exercises control, as the English company owns 65% of the capital shares of the Italian one, assisted by the lawyer Massimo Messinese and the Technical Manager Maurizio Nencioni.


The company under English law, as found in the public register (Company House), is owned by Dr. Enzo RAMALLI who is also its CEO.

"ER Advisory Limited" is the group's financial safe.
Thanks to its structure and presence in the international banking system, the group can boast of having first-level relationships with banks and financial institutions, for the management of its projects in the world.

Global Management Advisors Ltd.

Global Management Advisors Ltd. is a company that deals with three important sectors at an international level: Real Estate, Construction and Raw Materials.

Thanks to its relationships with important international partners it is able to acquire / manage / carry out orders for the construction of any type. In this context, its operational arm is represented by Arkiplus International and Arkimedia Project.

In the raw materials sector, it successfully operates with some important operators in the Agriculture, Food,  construction materials and Precious Metals sectors.

Areas in which it is assisted by Banco Metalli Piceno, Aurum Advisors International and Parallax Investments.

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Manen Group Ltd.

Manen Group Ltd. is a company that has the characteristics of a Holding.
Its core business is to have equity investments in other Group companies.

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