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United Arab Emirates
Sharjah  -  Dubai

Parallax FZE

PARALLAX is an investment company, based in Sharjah - Dubai and owned by architect Fabrizio Malnati.

Its focus is linked to the business relationships it has with the other companies of the Group, with particular attention to the connection between Omani and African companies.

In the real estate investment sector, it dialogues with Malnati Group ( and its companies based in the Sultanate of Oman.

Regarding the Precious Metals sector, it interfaces with Aurum Advisor International (, which has great negotiating skills with the most important African players in connection with the Emirates.


BMP Arkiplus Finance DMCC

BMP Arkiplus Finance is an Investment company based in Dubai (UAE).

Its headquarter is in DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre).

BMP Arkiplus Finance, with the characteristics and activities of a Holding company, has ER Advisory Ltd., Parallax FZE and Manen Group Ltd. as the full shareholders and with Mr. Enzo Ramalli, Mr. Fabrizio Malnati and Mr. Maurizio Nencioni as members of the Board.​

It represents the point of reference in the Emirates for all the trading of gold and precious metals that are subscribed in African countries.

Often the African mining companies have their own reference and bank accounts in the Emirates, and this company is their point of connection for the management of negotiations and also for payments.

At the same time, goods that cannot go directly to Europe are also received in Dubai (because their purity is too low).
Thus, foundries in Dubai are used to bring the gold to at least 97-98% purity, so that it can then be sent to Italy and Europe, according to local laws.

BMP Arkiplus Finance DMCC, is also designed for the management of relations with Europe and Oman regarding the Real Estate sector.

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