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Ivory Coast

BMP Arkiplus West Africa Sarl

BMP Arkiplus West Africa is a Real Estate company, based in Abidjan - Ivory Coast.

Company that is responsible for the design and construction of villas for the employees of some Government Ministries, according to the agreements already undertaken with the Ivorian Government, and applying the executive projects of the typical villas, already built and already approved by the Board, and as more detailed below.

Construction activities that will be able to count on the support / experience / capacity of over thirty years of the members of the Arkiplus International Group.

The "BMP ARKIPLUS WEST AFRICA SARL" instead take care, with prevalence of the Real Estate sector, and in agreement with the Ivorian government authorities, to prepare a project of high quality villas, to be developed in the capital Abidjan, consisting of compounds of 5 / 7 villas each, fenced and supervised, with private swimming pool, parking, green areas and guardianship, which will be developed and multiplied in large numbers in order to meet the specific demands of the local public servants market.

The company have as partners ER Advisory Ltd., Mr. Maurizio Nencioni and the architect Fabrizio Malnati, with shares of 1/3 equally divided between them and it's managed by a Board of Directors composed of the same shareholders.

BMP Gold Cote Ivoire Sarl

The "BMP GOLD COTE IVOIRE" is a company under Ivorian law based in Abidjan - Ivory Coast, will look for GOLD suppliers at the best market conditions, verifying the goods on site, thanks to a laboratory and equipment that the technical manager of the company is setting up with high-tech Italian machinery and systems, to then deal with the export to Italy of the goods checked and paid for (or guaranteed thanks to the bank availability in place) so that the Italian company (which will even be participated by the Ivorian) can import it and place it on the market in compliance with the Italian, Ivorian and international laws and regulations.

It is in fact the BOARD's intention to purchase or research (possibly in concession) lots of land to build a building for offices and a plant to be used as a refinery.

The Ivorian company will obviously be owned by the people and / or companies already mentioned and who are the promoters of the project.

In particular, “BMP GOLD COTE IVOIRE” will be owned by the English company “ER ADVISORY LIMITED”, in a personal capacity and / or by companies nominated by any other shareholders, including the technical manager, Maurizio Nencioni.

The Company the “BMP GOLD COTE IVOIRE” will be managed by a Board of Directors. At the behest of the promoters of the Project, the President will be Dr. Enzo Ramalli.

As already mentioned, Giovanni Matarese will be the sales manager, while Maurizio Nencioni will be the technical manager. Legal advisor the lawyer Massimo Messinese and Advisor in relations with any foreign suppliers, the architect Fabrizio Omar Malnati.​

Cyrillaurence Sarl

Cyrillaurence is a company based in Abidjan - Ivory Coast.

It's a company that deals with importing everything related to the Fashion sector from Italy, to make Italian brands known in the Ivory Coast, with particular attention to products made with recycled and green material.

It also deals with importing Italian food products to the Ivory Coast.

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